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Gum Litter Solutions

The prevention of chewing gum litter is an essential element to improving the overall cleanliness and appearance of our high streets and cut the high cost of removal.

Being part of a national campaign like the Chewing Gum Action Group’s annual campaign can help you raise awareness of the issue in your area.

Funded by the chewing gum industry and backed by Government, the campaign sees average reductions in chewing gum litter of 66% (2017 campaign results when compared to the baseline).

“We saw a massive reduction of 93% in chewing gum. The campaign not only led to a huge improvement in the quality of the city’s streets, but also genuinely changed attitudes.”

- Chewing Gum Action Group partner

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Learn from each other and from our experts


As a member of our Network of local authorities, you’ll be able to learn from us and each other, sharing good practice and lessons learnt at our regular events and through online resources.

You’ll also have access to our legal experts – experienced environmental solicitors – available to answer your legal, policy and enforcement queries.

Need help with a particular problem?


We can help you deal with your local issues so if you have a particular problem that you would like Keep Britain Tidy’s help with get in touch with our Litter and Place team.

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