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Litter: Making a Real Difference
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Litter: Making a Real Difference

Date: 2013
Categories: Eliminating litter
Cleaning up litter around the clock is no longer an option as council budgets continue to be slashed across England. The scenes across the country in November 2013 as 15 local authorities took part in an experiment and stopped cleaning ‘one side the fence’ for 48 hours could become commonplace in a few years’ time This situation is unlikely to change and therefore we need new approaches towards the issue of litter and we need them soon. Thankfully, we are starting to see many ideas materialise – some of which are shared in this report. At the heart of these approaches is the need to find solutions that prevent litter being dropped in the first place. Local authorities, other land managers and civil society are all doing their best, but to make this stick and to make the changes we want to see we need collaborative support and leadership from central government and for businesses to recognise that being part of the solution can benefit society, the environment and their business as well.