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Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality
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Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality

Date: 2017
Categories: Eliminating litter

Keep Britain Tidy has been working to keep the country clean for nearly 60 years and has expertise and access to a range of stakeholders in the area of litter and environmental quality. Within Keep Britain Tidy, the Centre for Social Innovation serves as an innovation hub to design and develop new approaches towards change that benefit society. 

The Journal of Litter and Environmental Quality has been created by the Centre  for Social Innovation as an open-access, peer-reviewed Journal that will  share and discuss the latest research carried out by academics, practitioners and wider stakeholders into litter and environmental quality.

Litter refers to waste products that have been disposed off improperly,  without consent, at an inappropriate location.

Environmental quality refers to the standard of the local area and includes all/ any issues that might affect the appearance of the area and/or how people  perceive the area.