It's time to get real (nappies) 28 April 2017
When it comes to nappies, it could be time to get real. And Real Nappy Week (24th - 30th April) is the perfect time to do it.
Not sure if it’s for you? Here’s some baby-sized facts on nappies...
Cloth nappies save you money. Anywhere between £100 to £1,000. Unlike the contents of a nappy, that’s not to be sniffed at. Plus, the more babies you have in cloth nappies at once, the bigger the saving. Once you’re finished with them, you can even sell them on to other parents. The ultimate in reusable nappies.
They are better for the environment. Picking real over single-use nappies, you could reduce your carbon footprint by almost 40%
Having bins full of stinky nappies sitting around is no ones favourite home decor choice. By switching to real nappies, you’ll reduce your waste significantly. Families in the UK currently send 355,000 tons of single use nappies to landfill every year (where they can take hundreds of years to decompose). And that costs £32 million in tax money. Nappies are an expensive business.
We aren't nappy experts but if you'd like some more information about real vs single use nappies, check out The Nappy Lady and The Baby Centre to find out more about how real nappies could work for you and your children.
Some council's run schemes to support residents in the switch to real nappies - visit your own council's website to see if yours does too. And events are happening across the country to celebrate Real Nappy Week, so if you are feeling tempted, this is the perfect time to find out more.