Rivers are the lifeblood of our country and we all have a part to play in looking after them.

Much of the water we use in our homes and at work comes from our rivers. The less water we use, the more there is for the animals and plants that live in and around freshwater.

Pollution such as litter and contaminated water run-off from our streets and can make our rivers look unsightly and can kill plants and animals.


  • Only rain down the drain
  • Don't throw litter or grass cuttings into rivers
  • Check your home for misconnections
  • Don't pour paint, chemicals, or oils down sinks or drains
  • Save water at home
  • Don't use toilets as bins
  • Put pet waste and litter in its place
  • Use garden products like slug pellets and weed killers with caution
  • Don't wash your car or wheelie bin on the street
Download the Healthy River Code PDF guide