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First Litter Pick!

Event info:

  • Local authority: Coventry City Council
  • Date: Thursday, 26 October, 2017
  • Time: 17:00 - 17:30
  • Meeting point: Canal Basin - bridge 1
  • Address: 105 Broad Street, Coventry, CV6 5BD

About this event:

This was a new experience which left me feeling quite disheartened with how much litter was collected and how inconsiderate people are dumping their rubbish everywhere. However, a very heavy, at least 6 or 7kg, almost ripping black bag was hauled home, slowly but surely. I picked cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles, paper/card boxes, sharp shards of tin cans (presumably from verges being mown? which could've done serious damage to creatures), miscellaneous bits of plastic (can rings, etc) and also fished out from the edge of the canal - an article of sexy lingerie(!) Sorted it all out upon my return home smelling like a pub - general waste in my green-lidded bin and the rest to be recycled in my blue-lidded bin. Picking litter sure is smelly and dirty work but it was nice to know I had saved that going into the canal or harming innocent animals and it made the world of difference when out walking the next morning.

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