We would love to hear from you! Please tell us what you think of any of Keep Britain Tidy's programmes or initiatives, let us know how we can help you or what you would like to see us do in the future.
Keep Britain Tidy

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 You can email us at enquiries@keepbritaintidy.org
Alternatively, please feel free to call, fax or write to us.

For specific enquiries please contact:

Big Tidy Up / Care programmes: 01942 612628

- Business development/sponsorship: 01942 612609

Eco-Schools: 01942 612614
Green Flag Award (parks/green spaces): 01942 612602
Blue Flag Award and Seaside Award: 01942 612602
Keep Britain Tidy Network: 01942 612625

 - Love Parks: 01942 612645

Waste Services: 020 7420 4407
Marketing and Communications: 01942 612668
Media enquiries only: 07768 880016
Website: 01942 612696

Wigan office London office
01942 612621
020 7420 4400
Keep Britain Tidy
Elizabeth House
The Pier

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