Beaches for everyone 29 June 2017

The foreshores team at Seaside-awarded Bridlington South beach show beaches really are for everyone, with their new floating wheelchairs.

Bridlington South beach is one of the East Riding of Yorkshire's busiest beaches, with over 800,000 users per year. And now the beach can welcome even more visitors, with their three floating or all-terrain wheelchairs. 

"East Riding of Yorkshire Council think this is vital, everyone should be offered the same opportunity to enjoy the seaside.  It is heartwarming to see people enjoy the wheelchairs, from people with broken legs to older people with mobility issues to those with disabilities, the wheelchairs create an opportunity for people to enjoy the beach who otherwise may not be able to do so." - East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

One gentleman uses a beach wheelchair every week and it means that he can go onto the beach to exercise his dog (outside the beach's dog exclusion zone).  One was used as part of the RNLI's Hit the Surf programme this season to ensure that a schoolboy could enjoy the experience alongside all his classmates.  Having the beach wheelchairs has such a wide range of benefits, including allowing families to enjoy the beach who haven't been able to in the past, Anne-Marie tells us what it has meant to her family.  

"Somebody actually said he was enjoying life! As parents of a young man with profound disabilities, the everyday things able-bodied people take for granted are such a hurdle for most disabled people. To see absolute enjoyment on our sons face, was totally overwhelming. To watch him look at the waves, he was transfixed. The whole set up you have at Bridlington is exceptional. Including the changing places toilet. Well done all of you, for including the disabled in your plans. And for letting them be included not excluded."  - Anne-Marie, mother and beach user.