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Communities and Local Government Committee (CLG) launch a new inquiry into litter   22 July 2014

Prince William visits Green Flag park WW1 memorial

Coventry's War Memorial Park is the first of 500 parks awarded special status to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1.   17 July 2014

Rethink plastic bag charge after new figures

The Break the Bag Habit coalition calls on the new Secretary of State to drop the exemptions for the carrier bag charge in England.       16 July 2014

Cabinet reshuffle gives fresh hope for Eco-Schools

Cabinet reshuffle offers a new opportunity to engage the Government to re-establish education for sustainability at the heart of education policy.    15 July 2014

Unique anti-littering campaign launched in Essex

We are delighted to be part of a unique anti-littering campaign that is currently taking place across Essex.   04 July 2014

State of UK public parks report released

Report published today details the state of the UK’s public parks, with many facing an uncertain future.   26 June 2014

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